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Monday, May 14, 2012

There is Still Treasure Hunting in America -- By Herb Leibacher

You always wanted to find buried treasure, didn't you? As a child you probably dug in the yard to find buried treasure. You imagined that Billy the Kid buried a stole gold shipment nearby or that a pirate like Long John Silver had hidden a treasure chest under a tree not far from your house. Now that you are an adult do you think your dream is dead? No, it is not. You can make your dream come true and you can take your family with you.
If you go to Arizona on your vacation you might decide to take part in a gold search. Gold has been found in some parts of Arizona for many years. Some gold mines, although not open to the public, allow people to sift through buckets of dirt that have been dug from the mine. You pay a certain amount for each bucket and you get to keep all the gold that you find. Other people join together with their metal detectors and hunt the public lands in the mountains in Arizona hoping the click, click, of the detector will signal a big strike for them. Gold is heavier than water so if you find an area where gold has been found before you can look for crevices in the ground nearby and search them to see if you can find gold there.
Metal detectors have also been used to find Indian arrowheads, old coins, and other relics from the past. Many Civil War relics have been found in areas of the South where the battles were fought. Metal detectors have found cannon balls and bullets, as well as metal buckles and jewelry. These detectors have also been used to find meteorites.
If you are a swimmer and know how to dive then you might get yourself a map of sunken ships and dive for sunken treasure. There are many ships that carried gold, jewels, money and even more treasures that have sunk to be bottom of the Atlantic and lay there waiting to be found.
The Lost Dutchman Mine is one of the most famous lost gold mines in the US. This mine is somewhere in the Superstition mountain chain in Arizona. It is said that the reason no one has found it and all its gold is because there is a curse on it. Many of those who have tried to find it have wound up dead or missing. If you want to try your luck at finding this mine, it is somewhere east of Phoenix. The Apache Indians once lived in this area and it is said that the gold is guarded by their spirits as well as the curse of the Dutchman. The Spanish ventured into these mountains hoping to find the Seven Cities of Cibola.
In California, people search for the hidden stash of Joaquin Murrieta. The treasure was said to be a wagon load of gold and several other stolen gold hoards appropriated by Murrieta as well as his right hand man, three finger Jack. He is also said to have stolen the money from a Wells Fargo company.
People can dig for their own gems in mines in North Carolina. There is a small town north of Charlotte called Hiddenite which has a large mine where people can dig and sluice for gems. There water runs are set up and people pay for a bucket or bag of dirt and then sluice hands full in a pan until it become clean enough to glean the gems from within the stones and dirt. Hiddenite is a gem that cannot be reproduced in any laboratory. It is a unique gem that is found only within the hills of this little town. It is a beautiful green and totally different from the emeralds and sapphires found in the area.
In Franklin, North Carolina, people can look for rubies in the ruby mines. There are beautiful star rubies that rival those found in India.
If you really want to find a treasure, there seem to be plenty to find.
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