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Friday, May 25, 2012

Top 3 Tips for Keeping Calm While Scuba Diving Underwater -- By Matthew Nathan

Scuba diving underwater for the first time can be a terrifying experience. When your scuba gear is your only lifeline to the world above, it can be very easy to lose your composure while underwater. For some, it can lead to the dangerous situation of trying to claw up to the surface or ripping their masks off. Keep in mind that while hyperventilation is common for both new and experienced divers alike, there are many ways to get around it. When you are underwater, here are some things you need to know to remain calm and conserve your breath to stay safe and prolong your dive for a more enjoyable underwater water experience.
Don't let your imagination get the best of you.
Sharks, jellyfish, stingrays-if you constantly imagine man-eating sea creatures lurking around the corner while diving, you can be in some serious trouble. Panic can get your heart rate to speed up and push you to take deep, hurried breaths. If you are new to diving, one way to keep things under control is to realize your divemaster does not want to leave you for dead. In fact, most will go out of their way to make your first real dive a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience.
Get excited about scuba diving, but don't get too excited.
Another common mistake of newbie divers is to allow their emotions to run wild during their first scuba experience. People who can't seem to get enough of scuba diving often liken it to a spiritual experience. It is a glimpse into a hauntingly beautiful world that they can only enjoy for a short window of time. You can end up too excited that you use up a lot of your oxygen. Remain calm and keep your emotions in check.
During a dive, trust your scuba gear, your divemaster, and yourself.
Trust will keep you calm and keep you centered. Diving is a lot like riding a bicycle for the first time. While a great degree of caution is required when checking your scuba gear, you also need to be able to trust that things will work out alright underwater. Relax, let go, and be in the moment. Pretty soon, scuba diving will be second nature for you and your buddies.
Trust your divemaster, control your breathing, and don't let your imagination run wild. Recreational diving can be a magical experience when you know what to do.

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